Discover the anti-aging and anti-oxydant effects of Labrador Tea floral water!

Discover the anti-aging and detoxifying properties of Labrador Tea floral water, a true hidden gem. Rich in anti-oxydants and known for its anti-aging effect. Spray on your face morning and night to gently tone your skin. Apply before makeup or after cleansing to complement your daily skincare routine.

Labrador Tea floral water (also known as hydrosol) is made in Canada. It is collected during the extraction of essential oils, which are obtained by steam distillation of leaves and flowers. This fresh, aromatic, and astringent floral water is known for its detoxifying and purifying properties and is used to calm all skin types, including sensitive and inflammation prone types.

Did you know?

Bog Labrador Tea, also known as simply Labrador Tea, is a small evergreen shrub found across North America, from Greenland to Alaska. It is most common in Canada and in many northern parts of the United States. It thrives in tundra, bogs, and woodlands, and is an emblematic shrub of the boreal forest. Indigenous people across North America recognized its medicinal value and used it to treat various maladies. Today, it is widely recognized in skincare for its anti-aging and anti-oxidant effects.

Discover Labrador Tea floral water from Divine Essence®, certified organic by Ecocert.

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