Boost your immune system with essential oils

As the days become colder, boosting your immune system is a helpful way to prevent colds, flus, and other winter ailments.

Divine Essence® offers a wide range of certified NPN products, including chemotyped, organic, pure, and natural essential oils, that can help strengthen your defenses against winter ailments.

Included in the family of anti-infection essential oils are:

  • Eucalyptus Blue Gum, the enemy of respiratory infections. When diffused or inhaled, this oil helps to clear airways and prevent respiratory discomfort.
  • Eucalyptus Radiata is used in aromatherapy to help relieve symptoms associated with flus, rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, and ear infections. When inhaled, it helps prevent attacks on the immune system and keeps airways clear.
  • Ravintsara, from the Camphor family, helps to temporarily relieve coughs associated with colds. When inhaled, diffused, or diluted in vegetable oil and applied to the thorax, the oil helps clear and disinfect airways.
  • Tea Tree is widely used as a germicide and antiseptic, and can be mixed into a disinfectant hand lotion to help protect against bacteria. Tea tree oil is especially useful when you’re traveling and not always able to wash your hands.
  • Niaouli helps relieve symptoms associated with colds, sinusitis, coughs, and bronchitis. For an expectorant effect, dilute it in vegetable oil and apply locally.
  • Bay Laurel is best known as an antiseptic. It helps relieve symptoms associated with colds, viral respiratory infections, influenza, and chronic bronchitis. It is used for its expectorant properties and, when inhaled, helps prevent respiratory infections.
  • Rosemary Cineole Type is recommended for general or excessive fatigue. This essential oil helps you regain strength and fight coughs, sinusitis, and respiratory and bronchial conditions. Rosemary Cineole Type oil can be applied topically (diluted in vegetable oil), diffused, or inhaled up to three times per day.

Discover the entire collection of Divine Essence® respiratory system essential oils. They are renowned for their excellent therapeutic performance.

Divine Essence® in collaboration with aromatherapist Michel Turbide.

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