Ready-to-use organic essential oil remedies

Rediscover our range of ready-to-use therapeutic products.
8 improved formulas for better efficiency!

Our essential oil remedies are specially formulated to relieve daily ailments. Natural, effective and practical solutions to meet your everyday needs.

Our essential oil remedies are:

– Recognized for their therapeutic benefits.
– Certified organic by ECOCERT Greenlife.
– 100% natural origin.

Available in convenient travel sizes: 15 ml roll-on or 60 ml spray.

Remedy N°1 – Eczema & Dermatitis. Relieve itching due to dry skin caused by eczema or dermatitis with this synergistic blend of Carrot beauty oil, Immortelle (Everlasting), Petitgrain – Bitter Orange and Lavender – Spike essential oils. Specifically designed for dry and sensitive skin. Ideal for atopic skin conditions.
Therapeutic properties: Used in aromatherapy for the symptomatic relief of eczema and dermatitis.

Remedy N°2 – Muscles & Joints. Relieve your joint and muscle pain and rediscover your freedom of movement with this synergistic blend of Wintergreen, Mint – Arvensis (Cornmint), Lavender Hybrid Super and Eucalyptus – Blue Gum essential oils. Ideal for athletes, this blend is suitable for adults and children above the age of seven.
Therapeutic properties: For temporary relief of muscle and joint pain associated to back pain, lumbago, contusions, sprains, strains and arthritic pain.

Remedy N°3 – Stress & Insomnia. Free yourself from nervous tension and enjoy a moment of rest with this synergistic blend of Orange Sweet, Lavender Hybrid Super, Bergamot, Mandarin – Green, Verbena-Exotic and Marjoram-Spanish essential oils, specially designed to help you relax and find inner calm.
Therapeutic properties: Used in aromatherapy to calm.

Remedy N°4 – Anti-Acne. Fight skin imperfections and acne with this synergistic blend of Tea Tree, Lavender – Spike, Palmarosa, Cajeput and Chamomile Roman essential oils. A wonderfully fragrant blend you will enjoy using daily. Ideal for pre-teens and adolescents.
Therapeutic properties: Used in aromatherapy for symptomatic relief of acne and boils.

Remedy N°5 – Cold & Cough. Soothe and open up your airways with this synergistic blend of Eucalyptus Radiata, Fir Balsam, Peppermint, Ravintsara and Rosemary – Cineole Type essential oils. Use all year round at the first sign of cough or cold symptoms
Therapeutic properties: Used in aromatherapy to help relieve colds and cough.

Remedy N°6 – Insect Bites. Take full advantage of the outdoors with this synergistic blend of Lavender – Spike, Lavender Hybrid Super, Sage – Common, Lavender – Fine and Lavender Hybrid Abrial essential oils. Helps to soothe burns, irritations, and itching from insect bites. An essential blend for your family’s summer skin care.
Therapeutic properties: Used in aromatherapy to relieve minor skin irritations, cuts, bruises, burns and insect bites.

Remedy N°7 – Headaches. Find your inner calm and relieve your headaches thanks to this synergistic blend of Mint – Arvensis (Cornmint), Spearmint, Peppermint, Lavender Hybrid Super, and Ravintsara essential oils. This winning combination of refreshing oils will give you instant relief. We added menthol to make our remedy even more effective.
Therapeutic properties: Used in aromatherapy to help relieve headaches.

Remedy N°8 – Bruises & Bumps. Arnica is renowned for its ability to heal bruising. This combination of macerated Arnica flowers with Lavender-Fine, Immortelle (Everlasting) and Laurel Leaf (Bay Laurel) essential oils, provides an indispensable treatment for bumps and bruises for the whole family.
Therapeutic properties: Traditionally used in phytotherapy to help relieve the pain and inflammation associated with bruising and swelling caused by injuries from falls or blunt force trauma.

Find these remedies in the Ready-to-use section and choose your favorite.

Natural and organic cosmetic certified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE according to ECOCERT standard available at

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