Sacha Inchi Beauty Oil & its many properties

During my monthly collab with Divine Essence, I felt like talking to you about one of my favourite beauty oils! I normally mix a few drops of two or three different beauty oils at once in order to provide my skin with all its needs, seeing that each beauty oil has its own properties. It’s a bit like when we buy serums or a pre-mixed oil bottle. It’s always good to vary the oils and work on our multiple skin needs at the same time as we insure to cover everything in one step!

But let’s get back to the subject!

While it’s not well known in North America and a little more in Amazonia, Sacha Inchi is a dark nut coming from an indigenous plant cultivated in the Peruvian Andes. Also known as Inca Inchi or Incas Nut, this precious oil is extracted from the seeds of the pretty green star-shaped fruit produced by this plant, which has been used during millenials for its many properties.

This rare and exceptional oil extracted by seeds contains many essential fatty acids. Omega-3 and 6 are classified essential fatty acids because the human organism cannot reproduce them, hence adding them into our system is required. The linoleic acid (omega-6) penetrates into the skins’ ceramids and limits water loss while providing nutritive and softening aid. Meanwhile, the alpha linoleic acid (omega-3) provides skin elasticity and anti-inflammatory support to help reduce redness.

OK so, in case this is all chinese to you, ceramids are the oily molecules that surround the skins’ superficial cells. They are required to retain the skins’ water (hydration). Long story short, they improve the fonctions of the skin barrier, nothing less!

Sacha Inchi oil is also rich in antioxydants and vitamins A & E, which are great anti-aging providers. It is ideal for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. It also acts preventively before sun exposure as it limits dehydration while nourishing the skin.

Another reason why I love this oil is because it gets absorbed quickly into the skin and it doesn’t leave an oily film onto the skins’ surface, which is mainly what many of us dread when it comes to using beauty oils. A little tip for dry skin like mine: I apply it right before I put on my makeup. It makes the foundation look more natural and its finish looks smooth and hydrated. No more cakey-looking makeup!

So why chose Sachi Inchi oil? It’s simple: for its softening, soothing and restructuring actions. That makes a lot of ‘ING’s! LOL! Personally, like I mentioned eralier, I always mix a trio of oils to get the most benefits all at once. I switch them regularly, depending on my skins’ current needs, such as Rosehip and Calendula oil. Especially after a long summer spent under the sun and as Fall slowly makes its appearance, my skin loves it 🙂

Go ahead and add a little exoticism into your beauty routine with Sacha Inchi oil. You’ll thank me later, I’m sure of it!

Ciao my friends✌️

Stefanie Crevier

Photo credit: @debphotographe, @le_refuge_soins_naturels

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