Gift ideas for Christmas

Happy December! Have you found your gifts for this beautiful holiday season? Whether it’s to introduce a loved one to aromatherapy or simply to offer a little attention, Divine Essence suggests a few ideas (perfect to slip into a Christmas stocking)!  Idea N°1 – Discover essential oils To introduce someone to aromatherapy, there’s nothing better thanContinue reading “Gift ideas for Christmas”

Des idées cadeaux pour Noël

Joyeux mois de décembre! Avez-vous trouvé vos cadeaux en cette belle période des fêtes? Que ce soit pour faire découvrir l’aromathérapie à un proche ou simplement pour offrir une petite attention, Divine Essence vous suggère quelques idées (parfaites à glisser dans un bas de Noël)!  Idée N°1 – À la découverte des huiles essentielles Pour faire découvrir l’aromathérapie àContinue reading “Des idées cadeaux pour Noël”

5 Beauty Oils to prepare your skin for winter

HAND, FACE AND BODY ORGANIC SKIN CARE. When we make the switch to natural skin care products, we often hear about Argan, Rose Hip or Jojoba oil… here are five more to discover, especially for winter! With the temperature getting colder, our skin tends to dry out. This is the opportunity to use beauty oilsContinue reading “5 Beauty Oils to prepare your skin for winter”

5 Huiles de Beauté pour préparer sa peau pour l’hiver

SOINS BIOLOGIQUES MAINS, VISAGE ET CORPS. Lorsqu’on fait le «switch» aux soins naturels pour la peau, on entend souvent parler de l’huile d’Argan, de Rose Musquée ou de Jojoba… en voici cinq autres à découvrir, spécialement pour l’hiver! Avec la température qui refroidit, notre peau a tendance à s’assécher. C’est alors l’occasion d’utiliser les huiles de beauté comme soin pour la peau, corps,Continue reading “5 Huiles de Beauté pour préparer sa peau pour l’hiver”

Sacha Inchi Beauty Oil & its many properties

During my monthly collab with Divine Essence, I felt like talking to you about one of my favourite beauty oils! I normally mix a few drops of two or three different beauty oils at once in order to provide my skin with all its needs, seeing that each beauty oil has its own properties. It’sContinue reading “Sacha Inchi Beauty Oil & its many properties”

Beauty Oils – Anti-aging, antioxidant, healing…Which Should You Choose?

The secret to giving your skin a healthy glow is all about hydrating it and nourishing it with fatty acids and vitamins. Creams deliver these nutrients all in one, but often with chemical additives. Beauty oils, meanwhile, are rich in fatty acids, and contain vitamins, antioxidants, phytosterols, carotenoids, squalene…They nourish skin, protecting it from drynessContinue reading “Beauty Oils – Anti-aging, antioxidant, healing…Which Should You Choose?”

Caring for your skin naturally during winter

Winter and cold weather are often synonymous with dryness and skin irritation. To get through this cold season and its impact on your skin, here are some helpful tips to keep your skin beautiful and healthy. Illuminate a dull and pale complexion Carrot Beauty Oil: this macerate is known to restore radiance and vitality toContinue reading “Caring for your skin naturally during winter”

Choose the essential oils perfect for your skin type

Do you have sensitive, oily, or mature skin? Discover which essential oils you should introduce into your skin care routine. Essential oils blend perfectly with beauty oils because they are fat-soluble. You can easily add them to serums, liquids, or balms, or simply blend them with beauty oils to strengthen their action. To get theContinue reading “Choose the essential oils perfect for your skin type”

The incredible Neem beauty oil

Neem is a tree native to India, where is has long been considered sacred. For more than 5,000 years, the tree’s seeds, bark, branches, and leaves have been used in traditional Indian medicine for their various healing properties. The oil is extracted from the fruit’s seeds. Rich in oleic acid, Neem oil is a commonContinue reading “The incredible Neem beauty oil”

Try Precious Carrot Beauty Oil for a Healthy Glow

Rich in beta-carotenes and vitamin A, macerated Carrot oil gives your skin a healthy glow and promotes natural radiance. Perfect for tired and dull complexions, it softens and smoothes the skin. Thanks to its many antioxidants, Carrot oil fight signs of aging and helps maintain the skin’s elasticity. It also calms skin irritations and dermatitis,Continue reading “Try Precious Carrot Beauty Oil for a Healthy Glow”