Demystifying the flash point of essential oils in a candle

We are often asked about the danger of scenting candles with essential oils. This is not the first time. Let’s try to clarify that! You can safely put essential oils in your candles. We put the question to Robert Tisserand, renowned aromatherapist: No danger.  A candle will not catch fire because of an essential oil.Continue reading “Demystifying the flash point of essential oils in a candle”

Démystifier le point éclair des huiles essentielles dans une bougie

On nous pose souvent la question sur le danger d’aromatiser les bougies avec les huiles essentielles. Ce n’est pas la première fois. Essayons de mettre ça au clair! Vous pouvez mettre des huiles essentielles dans vos bougies, sans danger. On a posé la question à Robert Tisserand, aromathérapeute renommé: pas de danger. Une bougie neContinue reading “Démystifier le point éclair des huiles essentielles dans une bougie”

Gift ideas for Christmas

Happy December! Have you found your gifts for this beautiful holiday season? Whether it’s to introduce a loved one to aromatherapy or simply to offer a little attention, Divine Essence suggests a few ideas (perfect to slip into a Christmas stocking)!  Idea N°1 – Discover essential oils To introduce someone to aromatherapy, there’s nothing better thanContinue reading “Gift ideas for Christmas”

Des idées cadeaux pour Noël

Joyeux mois de décembre! Avez-vous trouvé vos cadeaux en cette belle période des fêtes? Que ce soit pour faire découvrir l’aromathérapie à un proche ou simplement pour offrir une petite attention, Divine Essence vous suggère quelques idées (parfaites à glisser dans un bas de Noël)!  Idée N°1 – À la découverte des huiles essentielles Pour faire découvrir l’aromathérapie àContinue reading “Des idées cadeaux pour Noël”

My Natural Pharmacy

Have you ever thought of switching your regular medicines to essential oils as part of your first aid kit? We hear about it every day that certain over-the-counter drugs and their side effects, even a simple Tylenol, can cause dangerous side effects on our liver. Let’s not forget muscle relaxants, pain relievers and so on.Continue reading “My Natural Pharmacy”

Ready-to-use organic essential oil remedies

Rediscover our range of ready-to-use therapeutic products.8 improved formulas for better efficiency! Our essential oil remedies are specially formulated to relieve daily ailments. Natural, effective and practical solutions to meet your everyday needs. Our essential oil remedies are: – Recognized for their therapeutic benefits. – Certified organic by ECOCERT Greenlife. – 100% natural origin. AvailableContinue reading “Ready-to-use organic essential oil remedies”

Treat your digestive problems with essential oils known for their therapeutic properties.

Digestion trouble? Essential oils can help! When applied topically or ingested orally, essential oils can help treat poor digestion, nausea, bloating, and other digestive discomforts. Here are the most well-known digestive remedies: Ginger (Zingiber officinalis) Ginger essential oil is produced by distilling the ginger root. Renowned for its carminative and antispasmodic properties, Ginger essential oil isContinue reading “Treat your digestive problems with essential oils known for their therapeutic properties.”

Boost your immune system with essential oils

As the days become colder, boosting your immune system is a helpful way to prevent colds, flus, and other winter ailments. Divine Essence® offers a wide range of certified NPN products, including chemotyped, organic, pure, and natural essential oils, that can help strengthen your defenses against winter ailments. Included in the family of anti-infection essentialContinue reading “Boost your immune system with essential oils”

Relaxation, the virtues of foot baths

An undisputable well-being accomplice to relief fatigue accumulated during the day; foot bathing is the solution to your many problems: tired legs, static posture, bad blood circulation, long walks, trampling, etc. Choose a warm or cold bath? Cold water is best for bad blood circulation, swelling problems, prolong static posture: the effect of a coldContinue reading “Relaxation, the virtues of foot baths”

Essential oils to help you sleep

Seasonal changes, lack of sunlight, and stress are all factors that can affect the length and quality of your sleep. Use essential oils to restore harmony and calm, and to facilitate restful sleep. Banish stress: States of stress have disruptive physical effects on the body and will often affect the quality of sleep. Shorter days:Continue reading “Essential oils to help you sleep”