The Right Floral Water For Your Skin

With their fresh, delicate scent, floral waters make excellent skin toners. Mist them over your face and body to get the most out of their amazing benefits. Divine EssenceĀ® floral waters are obtained during essential oil distillation. Our cold-press extraction process preserves a high concentration of active ingredients, giving them similar properties to essential oilsContinue reading “The Right Floral Water For Your Skin”

Discover the anti-aging and anti-oxydant effects of Labrador Tea floral water!

Discover the anti-aging and detoxifying properties of Labrador Tea floral water, a true hidden gem. Rich in anti-oxydants and known for its anti-aging effect. Spray on your face morning and night to gently tone your skin. Apply before makeup or after cleansing to complement your daily skincare routine. Labrador Tea floral water (also known asContinue reading “Discover the anti-aging and anti-oxydant effects of Labrador Tea floral water!”

Precious floral water: an essential beauty treatment

Floral water (hydrosol) can be misted on your face in the morning and evening before makeup as part of your skincare routine. Floral water can also be used as a facial tonic to refresh and invigorate your skin after cleansing. Which would you choose? Rose floral water (hydrosol) has long been recognized for its tonic,Continue reading “Precious floral water: an essential beauty treatment”