Sacha Inchi oil & its many properties

During my monthly collab with Divine Essence, I felt like talking to you about one of my favourite beauty oils! I normally mix a few drops of two or three different beauty oils at once in order to provide my skin with all its needs, seeing that each beauty oil has its own properties. It’sContinue reading “Sacha Inchi oil & its many properties”

Healing and antiseptic: the incredible Neem beauty oil

Neem beauty oil is ideal for irritated, dry, or cracked skin. It soothes itchiness and dryness by hydrating, regenerating, and protecting the skin. The oil is known for its healing and antiseptic properties and is used to relieve symptoms of psoriasis and eczema. Blend with other essential oils to improve the fragrance and combine therapeuticContinue reading “Healing and antiseptic: the incredible Neem beauty oil”

Try this essential oil anti-cellulite recipe

We have a simple and efficient recipe to fight the appearance of cellulite and dimples with essential oils : In a 15ml bottle: Cypress – Evergreen essential oil: 6 drops Grapefruit – Pink essential oil: 8 drops Cedarwood – Atlas essential oil: 6 drops Jojoba beauty oil: 10 ml Pour the essential oils into theContinue reading “Try this essential oil anti-cellulite recipe”

Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Keep your home impeccably clean in a healthy and natural way with essential oils. Easily replace your usual household cleaners with homemade, healthy, and natural products. These eco-friendly basics are good for your home and your budget. Essential natural ingredients: White vinegar: Disinfectant for home appliances, toilets, bathrooms, and kitchens. Deodoriser and anti-scale agent forContinue reading “Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils”